Sunday, July 26, 2009

They say it's your birthday....

Yesterday was my birthday. How old am I? 42. What a non-significant number. But, a number of good things did happen to me on my birthday. Not big things. Just nice.
1) I got birthday cards from family members
2) My wife got the oil changed in my truck (I hate doing stuff like that) while she was out getting stuff to make me a birthday cake
3) a birthday cake shaped like a baseball
4) Watched the 1976 All-Star Game on mlbtv.
5) Had dinner at a great pizza place in N. Charleston (evo pizza)
6) Mets beat Astros 9-3 (really nine to one but K-Rod gave up a two run homer in the ninth. He hasn't had many save opportunities lately and is probably rusty)
7) Night Owl sent me a HUGE stack of 09 topps and some other Mets. Thanks Greg!

So, let's see what Greg sent, shall we?

41-2009 Topps Series 2 base cards from my want list. That's one card for each year I have successfully navigated :) With those cards (and a few I picked up at Target) that cuts my Series 2 want list in half.

Very thoughtful, Greg. Thank you.

Here is the other random Mets goodness.

A 2009 UD Johan Santana. Great photography.

A 1986 Topps Doug Sisk. The only card in the bunch that I already had. A reminder of
happier days for the Metropolitans.

Here are cards for sets I've started.

Tim Teufel. Another met from the good old days. I got Tim's autograph last year. (Or was it the year before? My memory is going). He was the manager for the Savannah SandGnats. Now he's the manager for the St. Lucie team.

Willie Randolph, Dave Gallagher. Did you know that both of these guys were born in NJ? Matter of fact, so was I. 42 years ago.

Dave Magadan. He was born in Tampa, FL. I already knew that. I spent my formative years in St. Petersburg, FL. That's right across Tampa Bay from Tampa. St. Pete is where the Rays play. NOT IN TAMPA. Sorry, I'm getting cranky in my old age. Magadan is the hitting coach for the Rays rival Red Sox. I saw him in the dug out at the playoff game last year, but was too far to get a photo.

Carl Everett was also born and raised in Tampa. I didn't know that. Carl now plays for the Newark Bears. He didn't play for the Mets for very long. There's a nice post about Carl on Paul's Random Stuff blog. I hope he doesn't mind me linking to it. (Paul, I mean, not Carl).

Finally, '09 Goudey D-Wright. He looks like some sort of alien. Still I like the card.

I will spend the rest of the weekend sorting and counting and collating and wondering what the
next 42 years will bring.

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night owl said...

Happy birthday! That's the second time that I've sent cards that have arrived on someone's birthday. How do I do that?