Tuesday, September 29, 2009

I was given these two cards by one of the instructors I work with. He brought in a large stack of 1950's Bowman that he's had since he was a kid. I put them in penny sleeves for him. He let me pick two that I liked. I picked the Enos Slaughter, because it was a double. The other Enos was in much better condition. (I felt guilty enough taking these). I picked the Westrum from a small stack of Giants. The NY Giants were my dad's favorite team when he was growing up and Westrum was the manager for the Mets between Casey and Gil. It seemed like the right card.

There weren't any big stars in the group, nor would I have taken those. There was a Pesky, a Doby, Antonelli.... I advised him to take the cards to a card shop here in town if he was interested in selling them. They could tell him what they might be worth. But, he's decided to keep them because he just found out he's going to be a grand-dad. I like that much better.

The cards are not in great shape. But, I like them because right now they are the oldest cards I possess and because of the way I obtained them. I always think of Joe when I look at them.

Anyway, I share this because like the Mets this blog is limping into the end of the season.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The Good, the bad and the Ugly

I was going to post this last night, figuring the Mets would lose to the Braves. Lo and behold, the Mets scored a record high 8 runs in one inning and won the game. It was great. But, the Good, the Bad and the Great just didn't work. So I didn't post. 24 hours later the Mets haven't disappointed me. They are losing to the Braves 14-2 right now. So, here it is...the good, the bad and the ugly.

The Good
A package from Joe at i am the average joe. He contacted me out of the blue a week ago and sent me a link to the cake he made for opening day. It was a reference to the cake my wife made me for my birthday. Anyway, Joe buzz sawed my 2008 U&H & Series wants to a sliver of the cards I needed. Joe's a Met fan so I'm sure he's feeling as bad as I do about the Mets season. Joe I have a package on the way. Many thanks...

The Bad
The NY Mets Line-Up
Gary Sheffield
Jeff Francoeur
Omir Santos
Anderson Hernandez

This is not a Major League line-up. They are pieces to a team, bench players, AAA-players and trade fillers (I'm looking at you Anderson.
I really like D. Murphy at first, but he has to be surrounded by a strong team with good defensive skills. Francoeur has always impressed me with his arm in right field. I always thought the Braves should fire a cannon shot when he throws, now the Mets should do it. It would upset the runner coming into homeplate.
As for the rest of the team. If they aren't around next year, I won't miss'em. Tatis is 1-30 with two outs and runners in scoring position. Come on. Sheffield needs to be a DH in the AL or in old folks home. Don't get me started on Castillo or Pagan. Santos is a back up catcher.

The Ugly
Braves and Mets August 19th
15-2, final

Sunday, July 26, 2009

They say it's your birthday....

Yesterday was my birthday. How old am I? 42. What a non-significant number. But, a number of good things did happen to me on my birthday. Not big things. Just nice.
1) I got birthday cards from family members
2) My wife got the oil changed in my truck (I hate doing stuff like that) while she was out getting stuff to make me a birthday cake
3) a birthday cake shaped like a baseball
4) Watched the 1976 All-Star Game on mlbtv.
5) Had dinner at a great pizza place in N. Charleston (evo pizza)
6) Mets beat Astros 9-3 (really nine to one but K-Rod gave up a two run homer in the ninth. He hasn't had many save opportunities lately and is probably rusty)
7) Night Owl sent me a HUGE stack of 09 topps and some other Mets. Thanks Greg!

So, let's see what Greg sent, shall we?

41-2009 Topps Series 2 base cards from my want list. That's one card for each year I have successfully navigated :) With those cards (and a few I picked up at Target) that cuts my Series 2 want list in half.

Very thoughtful, Greg. Thank you.

Here is the other random Mets goodness.

A 2009 UD Johan Santana. Great photography.

A 1986 Topps Doug Sisk. The only card in the bunch that I already had. A reminder of
happier days for the Metropolitans.

Here are cards for sets I've started.

Tim Teufel. Another met from the good old days. I got Tim's autograph last year. (Or was it the year before? My memory is going). He was the manager for the Savannah SandGnats. Now he's the manager for the St. Lucie team.

Willie Randolph, Dave Gallagher. Did you know that both of these guys were born in NJ? Matter of fact, so was I. 42 years ago.

Dave Magadan. He was born in Tampa, FL. I already knew that. I spent my formative years in St. Petersburg, FL. That's right across Tampa Bay from Tampa. St. Pete is where the Rays play. NOT IN TAMPA. Sorry, I'm getting cranky in my old age. Magadan is the hitting coach for the Rays rival Red Sox. I saw him in the dug out at the playoff game last year, but was too far to get a photo.

Carl Everett was also born and raised in Tampa. I didn't know that. Carl now plays for the Newark Bears. He didn't play for the Mets for very long. There's a nice post about Carl on Paul's Random Stuff blog. I hope he doesn't mind me linking to it. (Paul, I mean, not Carl).

Finally, '09 Goudey D-Wright. He looks like some sort of alien. Still I like the card.

I will spend the rest of the weekend sorting and counting and collating and wondering what the
next 42 years will bring.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009


I haven't posted in over two weeks. If you're a Mets fan, you'll understand. So, why am I posting on the day that brings disturbing news about a member of the Mets front office staff and another pathetic performance against one of the worst teams in baseball? Because my friend at Nightowl cards emailed to inquire about my 2009 Topps Series 2 needs. I sat down and did a survey of what I had and what I needed (as I watched another Mets loss).
The quick answer is; I need more than I thought.
The long answer is at this link.

Thanks to Greg.
BTW, Let's hope the Dodgers can keep on winning. I couldn't stand another season of the Phillies (or the Braves) in the WS.

Friday, July 3, 2009

Mail and Redemption

First off thanks to Jeff@cardjunkie.com. I sent him a handful of cards and he returned the favor by sending me a couple of NY Mets cards that I didn't have from the '09 Topps Series 2 collection. So, whether I decide to finish the Series 2 set or simply collect the Mets, I'm covered. Thanks, Jeff!

Next, I was searching e-bay for something (I don't even remember what I was looking up) when I ran across a Topps Red Hot Rookie, #1. It turns out it's Mets Rookie OF'er Fernando Martinez. I am doing this with my eyes wide open and will be rewarded after 30+ weeks with a shiny F-Mart card. By then he will no longer be a rookie, the Mets season will (thankfully at this point) over and I hope to be planning my return to Spring Training for the 2010 season.

30 Weeks!

Monday, June 29, 2009

Topps Series 2 - Jackie Robinson Cereal Box

I've been having trouble tracking Jackie down, but my wife found him in Target. SInce this is my third box of Series two, I guess I'm now "officially" collecting the set. I'm still 2 short (229 Cesar Izturis, 305 Ivan Rodriguez) on the Series 1 base set. I'll lasso them up soon. (I hope). I'm also all about the inserts in this years Topps.....

Luke Scott from the "hey, what'cha doin' down there" subset
Andy Pettitte
Troy Glaus
Pat Neshek
Billy Butler

Shaun Marcum, two goofy poses in one box. Wheeee.
Luke Hochevar
Robinson Cano
Chris Perez
Ted Lilly
Carlos Lee, wants to be on a Wheaties box
Bengie Molina
Steve Pearce
Jeremy Bonderman
Brandon Phillips
Joel Pinero
BJ Ryan, Yeah!
Ryan Howard
Freddy Sanchez
Chris Iannetta
Johnny Damon
Carlos Beltran, Finally a Met card. Great Action!
Yovani Gallardo
Chris Young
Adam Jones, 1160/2009 Gold Variation
Scott Baker
Kevin Millwood
Matt Harrison
Tony LaRussa
Chris Carpenter
Dustin Pedroia, Another good action shot
Placido Polanco
Chris Davis
Braden Looper
Derek Lowe
David Patton, Rookie
Randy Wolf
Khalil Green
Paul Konerko, part of the White Sox synchronized fielding team. (I give them an 8.7 for the artistic portion, but a 5.5 for degree of difficulty :)
Adam Jones (again, but no gold border)
Trevor Cahill, Rookie
Donald Veal, Rookie
Edwin Morneo, Rookie
Kenshin Kawakami, Rookie
Coco Crisp
Brian Anderson
Milton Bradley
Miguel Olivo
Bob Melvin
Nick Johnson
Eugenio Velez
Ron Washington

And Now the Inserts:

It's hard for me to believe that guys that I grew up watching (Sandberg and Carlton) are now considered "Legends." I don't feel that old. It doesn't seem that it was that long ago.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Friday night at "The Joe"

Here are some pics from my Friday night at Joe Riley stadium. The Riverdogs hosted the Sand Gnats and I can't say I was disappointed in the results. I love the Riverdogs, but seeing so many future Mets play and hit so well...It was enough to reinvigorate me as a Mets fan. Sand Gnats over the R'dogs....10-5. Lots of HR's (in fact I can't remember that many HR's in a single Riverdogs game, but my memory may be fuzzy. Man they have cold beer).

50% off Topps 2008 Series 1

Picked up a box of 2008 Series 1 from Wal-Mart. I went in looking for 2009 Topps Series 2 cereal boxes (Jackie R.). They had none. Anyway, I walked away with a consolation prize. Half price Topps Series 1...If your want list is in need of any of these, e-mail me.

Here are the numbers:


Monday, June 15, 2009


Last week I bought a cereal box of 2009 Topps Series 2. I opened it and sorted it and realized that there wasn't one NY Met in the whole lot. What are the odds? I don't know.

Today on the way home from work I went by Wal-Mart and picked up another cereal box. Would this one be loaded with Mets? Nope. One. One lonely NY Met. Francisco Rodriguez. That brings my collection of Mets from '09 Topps Series 2 to a grand total of 2. Ollie and K-Rod. (I picked up Ollie in a stray pack).

But, if we were to base Series 2 on the box cover, longevity would be the theme.

First up,
Ryan Braun, the Hebrew Hammer. Turkey Red. What a coincidence. In the last cereal box I bought I received a Turkey Red Prince Fielder. If I was a Brewer fan I would be in heaven. As far as longevity give this guy some time. I think he has it in him.

Next, Mel Ott. As a Met fan I appreciate the connection with the NY Giants. Ott played 22 seasons with the Giants. Pretty solid.

World Baseball Classic. Fu-Te Ni, Chinese Taipei. In the description they say Fu-Te "paced his old circuit in strikeouts in '08, after being his nation's workhorse in the previous year's Baseball World Cup".

Next insert, Larry Jones, Legends of the Game. You may not know this guy by that name, but I'm a Met fan. This guy has been killing the Mets, (and a lot of the NL teams) for some time now. 15 years is long enough. If he goes much more, his next kid will be named "Citi".

Friday, June 12, 2009

Stadium Club 2008 - Complete Set

Well, sometime last year I bought a box of Stadium Club. Before I knew it I was collecting baseball cards. The blogs are full of stories about guys who started collecting when they were kids, then dropped it, only to pick it up again as an adult. I am not one of those guys. I never collected cards as a kids. I didn't have the focus. I started and stopped hobbies like most people change clothes. I get distracted eas...

oh look shiny!

Get the point. So, it gives me great pleasure to say that, not only have I stuck with collecting, I've managed to finish a set! Hooray, me. Here is the card that finished the 2008 Stadium Club. Carlos Lee, OF, Houston Astros.

I do NOT have a complete set of First Day's or Photographer's Proofs, or whatever. I do have a complete base set that includes, 1st Days, Photographers Proofs, Autos, etc. I don't think I'll ever be that kind of collector. Also, (and I'm learning about collecting as I move along) I'm a "retail" guy. The card shops scare me. I will talk to the nice people at flea markets and garage sells. I buy a lot of "junk wax". Most Goudey cards look creepy to me. I don't know how to pronounce "Goudey". I do like Turkey Red cards & the chrome inserts in the 2009 Topps series. I stick to Topps for the most part but I do like any brand that has a NY Mets player on it.

Oh, look.....shiny Upper Deck.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Charleston Riverdogs

Here are few photos from Sunday's game at Joe Riley Stadium to see the Charleston Riverdogs vs the Rome Braves. The weather was warm but great. The beer was cold. To top it off I had a great seat right behind the visitor's dugout.

Riverdogs pitcher, Manuel Banuelos, pitched a good game. He scattered 6 hits and struck out 4 over 5.2 innings. The Riverdogs won 4-1.

Check out all the photos here:

Sunday, June 7, 2009

2007 Topps Series one, Box 3

Pack 1:
Huston Street, A's
Cincinnati Reds, Team Card
Anibel Sanchez, Marlins
Rich Hill. Cubs
Robinson Cano, Yankees
Royce Clayton, Jays

Pack 2:
JD Drew, Dodgers
Classic Combo, Tigers, Ordonez & Rodriguez
Alex Cintron, White Sox
Chad Tracy, D-Backs
Stephen Drew, D-Backs
Ritchie Sexson, D-Backs

Pack 3:
Derek Jeter, Yankees
Phil Garner, Mgr, Astros
Barry Zito, Giants, Gold
Justin Morneau, Twins, Own the Game
Chase Utley, Generation Now, 34 Game hit Streak
Students: Work Hard, Get Cards
Ramon Ortiz, Nats

Pack 4:
Geoff Jenkins, Brewers
Philip Humber, Mets (Rookie)
Mike Piazza, A's
Bob Feller, Indians, Distinguished Service
Chris Snyder, D-Backs
Prince Fielder, Brewers

Pack 5:
Jason Grilli, Tigers
Hanley Ramirez, Marlins, NL ROY
David Ross, Reds
Frank Thomas, Jays
Orlando Hudson, D-Backs, NL Gold Glove Award
Pat Neshek, Twins

Pack 6:
Jeff Kent, Dodgers
Houston Astros Team Card
Hank Blalock, Rangers
Brad Lidge, Astros
Ryan Howard, NL MVP
Orlando Hernandez, Mets

Pack 7:
Joe Crede, White Sox
Mark Ellis, A's
Josh Bard, Padres
Justin Morneau, Twins, Generation Now 28
Students: Work Hard, Get Cards
Scott Kazmir, D-Rays
Tim Wakefield, Red Sox

Pack 8:
Kendry Morales, Angels
Jack Wilson, Pirates
John Lackey, Angels
Justin Verlander, AL ROY

Josh Gibson, HR 600, Home Run History
Shane Youman, Pirates (Rookie)

Pack 9:
Justin Morneau, Twins, AL MVP
Jamey Carroll, Rockies
Andrew Miller, Tigers (Rookie)
Mickey Mantle, HR#259
Jim Thome, White Sox, Own the Game
Shannon Stewart, Twins

Bonus Pack: Same Three as Last Box (Odds?)

2007 Topps Series one, Box 2

Pack 1:
Adam Loewen, Orioles
Barry Zito, Giants
Brian Burres, Orioles
Andruw Jones, Braves, Own the Game
Aubrey Huff, Orioles
Alfredo Amezaga, Marlins

Pack 2:
Andre Ethier, Dodgers, Gold Cup
Carl Crawford, D-Rays
James Loney, Dodgers
Matt Capps, Pirates
Bobby Kielty, A's
Bob Wickman, Braves

Pack 3:
Austin Kearns, Nats
Red Sox, Team Card
Jim Edmonds, Cards
Carlos Beltran, Mets, NL Gold Glove Award
Ryan Howard, Phillies, Generarion Now HR#19
Students: Work Hard, Get Cards
Classic Combo, NL All-Stars, Soriano and Beltran

Pack 4:
BJ Ryan, Jays
Chris Gomez, O's
Kenny Rogers, Tigers, AL Gold Glove Award
Jason Marquis, Cards, Gold Card
Brandon Inge, Tigers
Brad Penny, Dodgers

Pack 5:
BJ Upton, D-Rays
Billy Wagner, Mets
Nick Punto, Twins
Ervin Santana, Angels
Emil Brown, Royals
Eric Byrnes, D-Backs

Pack 6:
Elizardo Ramirez, Reds
David Wright, Mets
Scott Rolen, Cards
Josh Gibson, HR #4
Curt Schilling, Red Sox
Dontrelle Willis, Marlins

Pack 7:
Bronson Arroyo, Reds
Atlanta Braves Team Card
Cla Meredith, Padres
Unlock the Mick MLB 2K7 Video Game Cheats
Chester Nimitz, Distinguished Service
Clay Hensley, Padres

Pack 8:
Edwin Encarnacion, Reds
Greg Maddux, Dodgers, NL Gold Glove Award
Tom Gordon, Phillies
Mickey Mantle, MMS11
Chris Duncan, Cards
Chuck James, Braves

Pack 9:
Edgar Renteria, Braves
Alert Pujols, Cards
Aaron Rowand, Phillies
Alex Rogriguez, Seattle, Road to 500, 18th HR
Eduardo Perez, M's
Chone Figgans, A's

Pack 10:
Drew Anderson, Brewers, (Rookie)
Albert Pujols, Cards, NL Gold Glove Award Winner
Brandon Webb, D-Backs, NL Cy Young Award Winner
Jim Tracy, Mgr, Pirates
Justin Morneau, Twins, Generation Now HR 11
Students: Work Hard, Get Cards
Classic Combo, Delgado and Wright, NY Mets

Bonus Pack: