Sunday, March 22, 2009

Another Trip to the flea market

Another trip to the flea market this weekend. My friend, Mr. Bill, was not in. The Going out of Business sign still hangs there. I went around to see if anyone else was selling cards. I picked up a number of older Topps NY Mets. Here's what I got:

My wife asked me if I would organize and move some of my cards so that the "office" space was a little neater. She allowed me to buy a couple of notebooks and I've been sorting cards most of the weekend. Jeff@cardjunkie posted a quick post on the cards I sent him. I enjoy watching cards I've sent being opened on-line. I've got tons of recent doubles, e-mail if you need something.

I have been out bid on a number of cards that I had my eye on on e-bay. That's a bummer because I want to finish my 2008 Topps Stadium Club. I'm a little peeved that a card I bought two+ weeks ago hasn't arrived. I've e-mailed the seller a couple of times. Has this happened to anyone else? I'm sure I'm not the first. What did you do? Is a trip to Judge Judy (a hero of mine, so be nice) in order?


Jeffrey Wolfe said...

Did you use PayPal cause you can get your money back quick. If not I would contact the seller and if they duck you contact eBay and they will get your money back. Plus if the seller does not help leave some negative feedback. This is the best way to get back at the seller and let others know they are not trustworthy.

nymetsfan said...

Thanks Jeff. You know, it's not even the money. It's really only a few bucks. The bummer is that I can't trust someone. Luckily this seller doesn't have anything else listed so hopefully I was the only one who didn't get their stuff.