Sunday, March 15, 2009

"Going out of Business"

The last time I was up to visit Mr. Bill at the Flea Market he told me he hadn't been doing well and had been in the hospital for nine days. He's got diabetes. His health is deteriorating. He obviously has other ailments. He had told me a few visits ago that he was going out of business. He would sell everything he had in stock and call it quits, but that could take a year or more. He said he would put together a box of Mets players for me.We talked some more and I bought a box of Lenny Dykstra commons from him. He's the guy who sold me the Mets autograph photos.
I hadn't been up to visit Bill in almost a month. His booth was closed today. The plastic blue tarp was pulled closed. Then I noticed the big yellow sign hanging below his sign. "Going out of Business." I walked down the aisle. Very sad. I went to visit another vendor. Gene is also an older gentlemen. He said, "Bill probably wasn't feeling well." I bought three packs of 1989 Fleers. We talked for awhile about the state of baseball and how lousy of a commissioner Selig is. I'll have to wait until next Saturday to find out how my friend is doing.

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