Saturday, February 28, 2009

No Heritage for me

I still can't find any Heritage packs here. So, I broke down and bought a cereal box of Topps. There were two in the local Target. Mantle and Ruth. I choose Mickey. I wasn't going to collect Series One but after this I might. First, I really like the boxes.  Inside was a Ted Williams Chrome refractor. Nice. Very Nice. I also pulled a Roy Campanella legends card and a David Price Rookie Gold border.  Not to mention a Turkey Red Curtis Granderson. Also, are the toppstown cards inserts? I don't think so but the one I got was Longoria. I'm holding on to it. 

After I opened it my wife asked if I had checked the mail. It had been raining most of the afternoon. I trudged out to the mailbox. Inside was a envelope from Greg at nightowl. He had scored some Stadium Club cards and had even thought of me and picked up a Chase Utley that he knew I needed.  He also included a bunch of 2008 Topps U&H's I needed. That list is getting short. Thanks, nightowl. 

Later that evening, after a great dinner at Pane y Vino, downtown Charleston, we ran by Target again. I grabbed the Ruth cereal box off the shelf and a $4.99 repack thingy. My wife shook her head. The cereal box contained a Carl Yaz legends card, a Topps Turkey Red Jimmie Foxx, (Red? Foxx? haha) and another Chrome Teddy Ballgame. No other doubles for the base set. Well, darn. I guess I'm collecting 2009 Topps Series One. 


night owl said...

You're welcome. I finally realized I need to add you to my blogroll! Duh!

Jeffrey Wolfe said...

Heritage hobby boxes have been out since Wednesday. I'm expecting the first blasters to show up any day now.