Thursday, February 26, 2009

Who is Yamid Haad?

This evening I returned home to find a very thick package waiting for me. Honestly, I'm finding that the best part of card collecting is trading on line. I get great mail all the time now. Before it was all bills and junk. 
     Occasionally, ESPN the Mag or Inside Pitch. Now I never know what will be waiting for me. Card bloggers are the best people. 

The package was from Jeff at Card Junkie. Thanks, Jeff. He had a bunch of Topps stuff he needed so I happily sent him what I had. He did the same for me, slashing my '08 Series 2 and UH in half. I won't post all of the cards but, the last one I was inserting really caught my attention. 

UH6 Yamid Haad. I'd never heard of him so I flipped the card over to see his stats. I assumed this guy was some young rookie.

This "rookie" has been playing ball professionally since 1997. He was twenty when he started in Erie hitting .290 in 43 games. He has played in 18 major league games.  1 game with Pittsburgh in 1999 and 17 games with the Giants in 2005. In his time with the Giants he had 10 starts (playing behind Pat Methany). Then he was suspended for steroids for 50 games in May of 2006. He played in the D-Rays system but was traded to the Indians. He was called up but never appeared in a game with the Indians. 

That, my friends, is living the dream.

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Jeffrey Wolfe said...

Thanks for the great post and cards.