Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Am I a Blogger?

    Spring Training is here. How do I know? The Yankees had a press conference so some other player could express his sorrow for cheating. I'm sorry I don't like A-Rod. He tried to choke up some tears. He tried to seem like mattered to him. He doesn't give a c@#p. Enough.
   I still haven't decided what, if any, cards I might collect this year. Last year was my first and I started late. I ended up hooked on Stadium Club. I tried Series 2 Topps. I tried Topps U & H. I tried Heritage High Numbers. Liked those. This year I will continue my pursuit of building Mets team sets. 2009 Topps here I come. 2009 UD. Look out. I saw a post on paulsrandomstuff about 2009 Topps Heritage. They look cool. This stuff is addictive.

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