Sunday, May 17, 2009

Re-packs help me build sets

I picked up a repack of cards from Target today and got a few cards I need for Mets set building.
Leading off,
Jose Reyes, 2007 UD Series 1. He singles and steals second.

Batting 2nd,
(2) Keith Hernandez, '85 Record Breakers-1986 inserts. That's a double. Reyes scores. RBI for Hernandez.
Batting 3rd,
Howard Johnson, 1990 Topps mini Superstars sticker. HoJo had 39 HR's and 101 RBI's in 1989.
Oh and 41 Stolen Bases. Single up the middle. Hernandez to third.

Batting clean-up,
Daryl Strawberry, 1988 Topps mini UK. On the back of the card it mentions that "Straw" has two brothers that also play baseball. They look like twins but bear no resemblance to Daryl. I wonder if he discusses it in his new book?
3 run HR.

Batting fifth,
Juan Smauel. 1990's Topps. Already had it.
He hits into a triple play. (How is that possible with no else on base? How would I know? He's Juan Samuel)? The Mets traded away McDowell and Dykstra (two players I really liked) for this guy. Then shipped him off to the Dodgers for Mike Marshall and Alejandro Pena (another player I was never fond of).

Pitching for the Mets. Terry Leach. 1989 Topps. (needed it).
I also pulled a Keith Hernandez UK mini. First time I've pulled that many Hernandez cards.

Needless to say, I'm pleased with my haul of repacking goodness.
Now to finish the weekend with a 4-game sweep of the Giants.


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night owl said...

I'm always surprised by what set-filling finds I get in repack boxes.