Tuesday, May 26, 2009

2008 Stadium Club - Almost There

I picked up a few '08 Stadium Clubs from ebay. This means I'm down to (1) card. #27-Carlos Lee.
It's out there and I will acquire it. Be it trade or ebay. Anyway, here's the three I picked up from some fine ebayer's.

Robinson Cano. Photographer's Proof.

Cole Hamels. Photographer's Proof

Jacoby Ellsbury. First Day.

My goal when I started on this set was to finish it. By "finish it" I mean the base set. As far as I'm concerned the Photo Proofs, the 1st days, Beam Teams, etc. are just nice to haves. I'm still learning what is considered a complete set. I see it as a complete set. Since I'm doing this for me, I only have to please me. So, like I said, I need one more card to finish it. Come on Carlos Lee. Oh, before I forget. Thanks to Greg@nightowlcards, Jeff@cardjunkie and all you wonderful ebayers! I couldn't have done it without your help!

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night owl said...

You're a lot more persistent than me. I get distracted too easily. Nice job!