Sunday, June 7, 2009

Ease the pain

Last night the Mets lost to the Nats, 1-7. I wouldn't say lost. No let's say John Maine threw BP against the Nats and the Mets batters made John Lannan look like a Cy Young candidate. The Mets hit into five double plays. FIVE. Ugh. Anyway, while watching the game I cruised to my favorite card collecting blogs. I read about the Topps Series 2 cereal boxes featuring Jackie Robinson.I decided I needed one of them.
This afternoon I went by Wal-Fart to see if they had any. Normally, I would go to Target, but I needed to pick up something they don't sell at Target (beer) so I thought I would kill two birds with one stone. Well, Wally didn't have any cereal boxes. None. But, they did have 2007 Topps Series One blasters. For $4.97. Well, I picked up 3. I'll go to Target next week.
I figured I would bust open these blasters and if the Mets play like they did last night, I won't be feeling as bad. So let's bust'em.

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night owl said...

Being able to buy 3 boxes for 15 bucks makes me want to collect the set. But there are already too many sets I actually like that I haven't finished yet. Still looking for those marked down Masterpieces boxes that seem to be everywhere but here.