Thursday, March 13, 2008


I was able to get my packing done this morning. I'm traveling extremely light. Normally, I bring way too much. This year it's two-thirds of what I normally bring. This year it's just too much. The truck is ready. The new camera is packed. The tickets are stowed. I'll be leaving early. I hope to arrive in Vero Beach around noon. Maybe I'll have lunch with Tommy Lasorda.

I don't drive too fast and I like to make stops. Stop for gas. Stop for coffee. Stop for a bathroom break. Oh, look a Waffle House. Ummmm, waffles. More gas. More coffee. John told me about the Spring Training sign at the rest stop in Florida. I'll stop there.

Georgia doesn't have rest areas on I-95. Apparently, the Georgia state motto is "Pee in your own state." Anyway, who wants to stop in Georgia? I do wish I could miss Jacksonville. Many of you have heard me say, but it bares repeating; Jacksonville is NOT FLORIDA. It's South Georgia. You don't really hit Florida until you see the signs for St. Augustine and Daytona. And the signs for the New Yorkers (Miami - 456miles).

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