Friday, March 21, 2008

Day Eight and the Best Stadium in Grapefruit League

Dad declared that the Tigers field was the best we've been to so far. I liked it alot, too. I still think the Phillies have the best, mostly because you can still see the field from the concessions. I will say that the Tigers have the best announcer. His introductions of the Tiger's players was great. Each name was announced as if they were going to do battle in the Thunderdome. Then when he announced the line-up for the visiting Jays he says each name and position, quickly. Very funny. Dad and I talked to a nice guy from Toronto who's visiting with family. He was in Myrtle Beach recently and was telling me how much he liked it. I like the Blue Jays fans. Even more, I like the Tiger's line up. If they get some good pitching, they are the team to beat in the AL. Jim Leyland was there. Gary Sheffield hit a frozen rope over the left field wall. The D-Train was derailed and he was pulled in the fourth inning. The Jays were knocking him around.

Here's the link to the pics.

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