Wednesday, March 19, 2008


Long Day. Started early with laundry. Met this guy who's 16y/o kid has a one day contract with a group of prospects and will play in a game with the Phillies minor leaguers. This was one proud pop.

My Dad was interviewed and photographed for a story that the St. Pete Times will be running in the beginning in April when the season starts. It is about the end of Spring Training baseball at Al Lang field. The Rays won the game 4-1.
The night game at McKetchnie Field was like stepping back in time. Except for one thing. It was a night game. This is the first night game ever played at McKetchnie. It was supposed to have happened earlier in the week, but was rained out. This game was a slugfest from the start. The first Pirates batter hit a homerun off Phil Hughes. They slugged it out with the Yankees for the rest of the game. The Yankees ended up winning 12-9. There was a total of 29 hits, four errors, (A-Rod made 2) and a beautiful bunt made by CofC alum Brett Gardner who started in Centerfield for the Yankees. He also scored a run and struck out. Go Cougars!

Here's the link to the pics. And Here

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