Friday, April 3, 2009

Don Zimmer

Greg @ Nightowl Cards did a post on a Don Zimmer card he received. In the post he mentions that Zim is a Dodger. I beg to differ. One of the teams Zim played for was the original 1962 NY Mets. I say he's a Met. One of the great things about going to Rays games is seeing a legend like Don Zimmer. He's usually got someone's ear. Last year, during the Rays playoffs I saw him talking with Cal Ripken, Jr. One of the best pictures I've ever taken was this one of Joe Torre and Don Zimmer during a Spring Game in St. Pete between the Yankees and Rays.

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night owl said...

Ah, but one of the problems with being an original Met is that all of the players on that team were originally from somewhere else.

Now, Seaver, he's a Met.