Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Stadium Club 2008

The set that started it all for me last year. I picked up a pack at Target and was hooked. Well, almost a year later I am 4 cards away from the complete set. So here are the 5 I picked up from ebay. They arrived in the mail this afternoon.

I was searching for the score of this dismal, final Opening Day at Shea. I found this photo on the NY Daily News site. It's the flip side:

The cards I need to finish the set are:
21-Ellsbury, 27-Carlos Lee, 69-Hamels and 72-Cano. I'm stumped on the DiMaggio card. Everything I've seen is a cutout variation card. Well, I'm not letting that hold me back from a complete set. No Sir. As far as I'm concerned that card doesn't exist. I will stick to that story and eventually, it will be a reality. To me.

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night owl said...

Good for you sticking with it. I've almost given up on it. But there's a card show coming up, and anything can happen at a card show.