Monday, April 27, 2009

Picked up some Topps series one stuff

I'm slowly moving towards finishing this set. (Except for those pesky chrome refractors). Ah, a handful of chrome-gold. Nightowl's post about Topps Series 1 chrome refractors, from cereal boxes, making us all rich was very funny. But, alas, I still covet the inserts from this series. I hope to collect them all. I'm keeping this short so I can head over to Nightowl's to see what he snagged at the card show.

Here are a few highlights from todays pick-up:

Frank Thomas - "The Big Hurt." Is he still playing?

Tug Hullet - Guessing his folks were fans of Tug McGraw?

Mike Pelfrey - "Big Pelf"

Jon Niese - Rookie Card - Could he replace Ollie in the rotation? Was born on October 7th, 1986. Game 7. Coincidence?

Longoria. Gold Cup.

Ian Kinsler
Matt Kemp. Kemp, Loney and now Hudson are a young group that could make the Dodgers a very good team for a long time.

Juan Castro - Parachuted in to make this catch.


night owl said...

Still need the Tug and Niese. Completing Series I has taken longer than I thought (could the fact that I stopped buying the cards the last couple of weeks have anything to do with it?)

nymetsfan said...

Night owl , you know if I get those doubles they will be in the mail north.